Palestinian Resistance Targets Enemy Sites in Retaliation for al-Aqsa Attacks

The “Naser Salah el-Dine” brigades, the military branch of the Popular Resistance Movement, claimed responsibility Friday evening and Saturday dawn for raiding several Zionist settlements and sites located along the border with the Gaza Strip.

This comes part of a campaign launched by the Palestinian resistance faction to help the holy al-Aqsa Mosque, which faces a vicious war targeting its Islamic identity.

According to al-Intiqad, the Palestinian resistance brigades issued a statement stating that its military branch “launched 17 missiles and two mortar shells towards the airfield in the eastern area of Johr al-Deek, central Gaza, and the Re’em, Eizer, and Zikim military bases”.

Also, the Palestinian rockets succeeded to target the occupied city of Askalan (Ashkelon), as well as the illegal Bairi and Wadi Aouz settlements.

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