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Palestinian Resistance Vows to Liberate Re-captured Prisoners

Fierce clashes erupted between the Palestinian youths and the Israeli forces across the occupied territories, according to local sources which added that the Resistance fighters opened fire at the Zionist military checkpoint in Jenin.

The Islamic Jihad Movement claimed, in a statement, the attack on the Israeli checkpoint in Jenin, adding that it occurred after Zionist troops had gathered in the area during the manhunt recapture the Palestinian prisoners who escaped from Goboa prison.

Meanwhile, the clashes in occupied Nablus, Al-Khalil and other areas left a number of Palestinians injured or suffocated, according to the same sources.

The Israeli enemy claimed its Iron Dome intercepted a Palestinian missile fired from Gaza, launching several air raids on a number of positions in the besieged Strip.

The Zionist PM Naftali Bennett considered that the Gilboa escape operation reflects the institutions’ atrophy, adding that an investigation has been opened into the incident.

On the other hand, the spokesman of Al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas military wing, vowed in a press conference to liberate the Palestinian prisoners re-kidnapped by the Zionist enemy in the context of any upcoming swap deal.

Israeli occupation captured four Palestinians who escaped high-security Gilboa prison earlier this week. The recapture of the four came five days after a massive manhunt which the Zionist entity deployed full weight of its security arsenal in.

Late Friday, Israeli occupation recaptured the first two of six Palestinian escapees Mahmoud Al-Arda and Yaaqoub Qaderi near the city of Nazareth.

Later in the early hours of Saturday, occupation police recaptured the other two of the six-member group which turned the life of the Zionists into a nightmare for several days.

The two Palestinian escapees were Zakaria Al-Zubeidi and Mohammad Al-Arda. were reportedly found at a truck garage in the Zionist entity’s north. Israeli media reported that Zubeidi tried to resist arrest.

The remaining two escapees of the group, Monadel Al-Faiaat and Ayham Kamamji, were still at large by the occupation forces.

The six Palestinian prisoners managed early Monday to escape from the Israeli Gilboa prison, located in Beissan Valley, through a tunnel despite all the enemy’s security measures.

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