Palestinian worshipers on alert for possible Jewish break-in at Aqsa Mosque

A state of anticipation and alert has prevailed since the morning hours of Sunday among the Palestinian worshipers inside the Aqsa Mosque and its courtyard after masses of Jewish settlers started to flock into the area in an attempt to defile the Mosque to commemorate the alleged destruction of the temple anniversary.

The Slaughterer Israeli police declared their intention to secure the entry of the Jewish settlers to the Mosque to perform rituals on the anniversary.

The Hebrew radio stated that the police would intensify their presence inside and around the Mosque to protect the settlers and quell any clashes that might break out with the Palestinians.

For its part, the Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage said thousands of settlers gathered this morning in the Buraq square (wailing wall), while other settlers along with right-wing Knesset members marched in a rally across the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Aqsa foundation also said that hundreds of Palestinian natives from Jerusalem and the 1948 occupied lands have been inside the Aqsa Mosque and its courtyards since the early morning hours to defend it against any Jewish attempt to violate its sanctity.

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