Palestinians hold funeral for Gazan man killed in Israeli airstrike

Palestinians held a funeral for a Gazan citizen who was killed by Israeli airstrike that continued through the early hours of Saturday.

The Health Ministry in Gaza identified the victim as 27-year-old Ahmad Mohammad Shahri who succumbed to his wounds on Saturday morning. Tel Aviv said the strikes were in response to alleged rocket fire from Gaza.

Earlier, Israeli forces opened fire on Palestinian fishermen in the northern part of the coastal sliver. Israeli soldiers also injured nearly one hundred Palestinian protesters who took part in the weekly anti-occupation rallies in the eastern Gaza Strip.

These Israeli attacks come at the time of the anniversary of The Balfour Declaration that established a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine and opened wide doors to the Israeli crimes and violations in Palestine.

Despite the Israelis’ aggressions and siege of Gaza, Palestinians still consider resistance the only means to end this blockade.

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