Palestinians hold funeral for Hezbollah fighter killed in Rabid Dog israeli Golan operation


Jihad Imad Moughniyyeh, Hezbollah fighter and son of Hezbollah’s slain top commander Emad Moughniyyeh was laid to rest beside his father. Hundreds of Hezbollah supporters marched behind the coffin chanting slogans against Israeli aggressive acts.

Figures from the resistance movement and their allies were first to take part in the funeral procession.

Hezbollah MP Bilal Farhat told PressTV that the latest strike confirmed Israel’s involvement in Syria and its support for Takfiri groups.

Jihad Moughniyyeh was head of the Quneitra group of resistance fighters, part of the defense line for the resistance against Israeli threats.
Experts believe the Israeli move was not a complete surprise; however, there will be a calculated retaliation.

Hezbollah supporters stressed that despite the pain and suffering of losing men on the battlefield, victory will be on their side.

Observers and supporters of Hezbollah Have always known that the war in Syria will be a long war, one filled with sacrifices. It was also clear that Israel will be one of the parties that would back destability in Syria. The latest strike will undoubtedly be a turning point in ongoing conflict, but the question is will we witness a a new war or a response that stops at that point?

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