Palestinians in Europe call for international events against Israel


General Secretariat for Palestinians in Europe Conference called for organizing a wave of large-scale protests and marches in condemnation of the Israeli crime of burning a Palestinian infant child alive at the hands of extremist Jewish settlers.

Majid al-Zir, the head of Palestinians in Europe Conference, said in a statement on Saturday that the settlers’ crimes in the West Bank could not be done unless there is conspiracy by the Israeli Occupation Authority (IOA) with those extremist settlers as it provides them with required protection and coverage to commit such crimes.

He demanded that those Jewish criminals, who burned the infant Ali Dawabsheh as well as the Jerusalemite minor Mohammad Abu Khdair, who was burned alive almost a year ago, should be prosecuted along with Israeli leaders.

Zir also emphasized the necessity to offer international protection for the Palestinian people living under occupation. He stressed that the settlers’ violations should be brought to an end by prohibiting them from entering the Palestinian territories.

He called on the international community to pressure the IOA to end the settlers’ violations against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank and Occupied Jerusalem.

General Secretariat for Palestinians in Europe Conference underlined that settlers’ offenses constitute an obvious breach of human rights in general and child rights in particular. It pointed out that the Palestinian children have recently become targets of settlers’ repeated attacks and violations.

It opined that the Israeli policy of negligence toward settlers’ offensive actions in the West Bank and refraining from opening investigations in their crimes pave the way for more crimes committed against Palestinians.

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