Palestinians suffering of going to work everyday

Palestinians suffering of going to work everyday

Every day there are thousands of Palestinians who are looking for the job inside the occupied territories of 1948 who must pass through the gaps and openings of the racist apartheid wall.
According to Mehr News quoting the ‘Al Jazeera Net’, Palestinians workers, Deprived of work permit, could not go through the formal check points, and must use the gaps and holes of the separation walls or the apartheid walls. And these gaps and holes sometimes become their shambles.

The Palestinian workers endure great hardship to feed their family and risking their lives constantly.

The area of Al-Rmadhin is the most remote area of southern West Bank and one of the most popular places for contrabands. Palestinian workers use this area to seek work.

Earlier this year the Zionist troops had shot dead a youth Palestinian while crossing in that same area.

Hardships that a Palestinian worker endure to go to work

The workers, who are entering the town of Al Dhaheria, take a $20 ride in a ‘Land Rover’ cars waiting to smuggle them away from the Israeli soldiers, to get to the area of the walls that have cracks and gaps.

Once there, and If the workers can successfully pass through these gaps and holes, there would be cars waiting on the other side to get them to work.

However, if an unexpected incident occurs and the Zionist army shows up, tragedy occurs.
One of the youths who was preparing to pass through one of these holes, said he was the breadwinner of family of seven.

He also said; he prefers instead of sitting at home, to risk his life to find a piece of bread for his family.

Another guy said I am 30 years old and I cannot marry. Unemployment and lack of job opportunities has forced me to stay single.

Unemployment has worsened

Based on Palestinian Census data, the Unemployment rate was 18.3% in West Bank last year, which was the highest unemployment rate in 20-24 years age group.

According to the data, the number of Palestinian workers in the West Bank, active in the occupied territories reached 37,000 last year.

26,000 of those people did not have proper work permit.

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