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Paris attack result of France’s support for extremist groups: Analyst


The recent terrorist attack in Paris is a result of the French government’s support for the extremist groups operating in Libya and Syria, an analyst tells Press TV.

Marcus Papadopoulos, editor with Politics First from London, said in an interview with Press TV that “France along with other countries in the West, in particular the United States, has a history of supporting Islamist groups – Islamist is a perverted ideology, it is extremism.”

“But the problem is that the French government has been supporting Islamist groups to achieve geostrategic objectives for example in Libya and Syria,” he added.

Papadopoulos also stated that “the French government along with the West” is “making these violent groups more potent because they are using them in order to achieve geostrategic objectives.”

The analyst went on to say that these attacks “were truly monstrous acts carried out by some of the most violent people we would find in this world.”

“It is an intolerable situation and ordinary people in France now have paid the price.”

Papadopoulos argued that “the actual core reason, the actual root of the problem, is that Western governments are playing with fire and they are supporting extremist groups in order to achieve an objective.”

Two brothers suspected of the January 7 terrorist attack on the office of Charlie Hebdo satirical French weekly in Paris were killed Friday when elite police stormed the building they were holed up in.

The Wednesday shooting attack left twelve people dead.

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