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Patriot missile deployment in Turkey, dividing Muslims

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The Commander of Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force says deployment of Patriot missile battery to Turkey is an act to divide Muslim nations.
Gen. Hassan Shahsafi told the gathering of foreign military dignitaries that Iran Air Force had overcome the Western sanction against Iran and had overhauled, upgraded all its aircraft with its own capable and technical experts.”

He pointed to the Iran’s ‘deterrence’ doctrine and said that “we never have invaded, and will not invade any country, but we warn any country that would have the smallest intention of aggression towards the holy regime of Islamic Republic of Iran that will be countered with the most severe means possible.”

Commander of Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force also pointed to some of the most recent achievements of the Air Force such as, mass production of Saeqeh fighter jet, deployment of air-to-air, and air-to ground missiles with different range, anti-radar missiles, smart bombs, the new short and long-range laser missiles, stationary smart long-range bombs, tanker aircraft for mid-air refueling of jet fighters in high altitudes, and pointed to the production and deployment of UAVs , saying that “These accomplishments have been tested on the field during different military exercises.”

Shahsafi told the gathering that the aim of the Western policies under the leadership of Great Satan is to create a culture of Islam-o-phobia, and Iran-o-phobia, and to divide the Muslim nations, and to spark fire of religious and ethnic divisions, and considered the deployment of the Patriot missile battery in Turkey with the same intentions.”

He stressed that the security of the West Asia and Middle East is only possible with the active participation of countries in the region, and that there was no need for presence of superregional countries.

He called all of the neighbors and the Persian Gulf countries for believing the unwavering faith and firm belief to God Almighty, saying that “we will cut the hands of the aggressors from this strategic area of the world.”

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