People of Baba Amro Return Home, Authorities Discover terrorists’ weapons’ factory

Many families of Baba Amro on Monday returned home which they fled because of the crimes of the armed terrorist groups after authorities restored stability and security to the neighborhood.

Public workshops also continued maintenance and cleaning works, opening roads, streets and removing the debris left by the terrorists who sabotaged the general and private properties.

Works are underway in Homs to repair the oil pipeline which supplies the refineries and crosses Baba Amro after it was sabotaged by the attacks of the armed terrorist groups.

At Baba Amro, the competent authorities uncovered a factory for weapons used by terrorists to prepare explosives and hand-made rockets to be launched against houses without specifying the target.

The authorities also discovered an Israeli-like reconnaissance plane, cameras, anti-tank grenades, and tunnels and used by the terrorists to smuggle weapons.

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