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Photo- Syrians Condemning AL Decisions against Syria

Thousands of Syrian citizens in Damascus Countryside governorate on Thursday gathered in a mass rally at the Martyr Basel al-Assad Square in Daraya City to stress support to the comprehensive reform process led by President Bashar al-Assad and reject the Arab League unjust decisions against Syria.

The crowds called for adhering to Syria’s independent national decision, rejecting all forms of foreign interference in their country’s internal affairs.

Head of Awqaf (Religious Endowments) Directorate in Damascus Countryside Sheikh Khder Shahrour said the Syrian people said their word in support of the reform process in Syria under the leadership of President al-Assad and that they will stand unified against the conspiracy targeting their homeland.

Sheikh Shahrour expressed gratitude for the Syrian Army’s sacrifices to confront the armed terrorist groups.

Citizen Abdel Kareem Jabbour told SANA that the Syrian people reject the unjust decisions made by the AL which serve the Zionist entity and that they support the comprehensive reform program launched in Syria.

For his part, citizen Hassan Zaza said “I call upon those who claimed to be keen on us not to interfere in our life, adding that the Arab Ministerial Council’s decisions came in line with U.S. and Western agendas that aimed at undermining Syria’s steadfastness to defend the Arab rights.

Citizen Rasha Mohsen said that her participation in this solidarity rally is to express support to the reform program led by President al-Assad and to thank Russia and China for their historic stances against the attempts of the U.S. and its allies to put pressures on Syria and interfere in its internal affairs.

The participants stressed that Syria will ever remain strong thanks to its resistant people who foiled the conspiracy, adding that they are ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of defending their homeland.

They expressed confidence that the Arabs will apologize after they realize that the decisions taken by some of them helped implement Zionist and U.S. agendas.

Thousands of Syrians Gather at al-Saraya Sqaure of Safita City in Tartous in Rejection of AL Decision against Syria

Meanwhile, thousands of people gathered at al-Saraya Square in Safita city, Tartous governorate, to express rejection of the AL decisions against Syria and voice support to the independent national decision and the reform program led by President al-Assad.

The participants raised banners that condemn the AL decision which serves the U.S. scheme to undermine Syria, chanting national slogans that express appreciation for the Syrian army’s sacrifices to safeguard the homeland.

Father George Elias Yousef from the Diocese of the Roman Orthodox and Father Ghassan Khouri from Roman Catholic Diocese said that the Syrian people confronted the conspiracy through their unity and rallying around the comprehensive reform program.

The Imams of a number of mosques in Safita City said that today gathering aimed at conveying a message to the whole world that Syria is strong and won’t buckle under pressures and conspiracies.

They stressed that Syria is targeted because of its national stances in support of resistance and the legitimate Arab rights, especially the Palestinian people’s right to return, self-determination and to establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

The participants stressed that the AL decision against Syria are based on foreign agendas and represent a betray of the Syrian people, warning of what is plotted against Syria.

They called upon the Syrian people to stand united to protect Syria’s sovereignty and national stances.

Sit-in at Dawwar Haroun in Lattakia in Condemnation of AL Decision against Syria

Political, social and artistic figures staged a three-day sit-in at Dawwar Haroun in the center of Lattakia City in condemnation of AL decisions against Syria.

The participants expressed support to the comprehensive reform program led by President al-Assad and Syria’s independent national decision.

National activities and mass rallies continued throughout the Syrian governorate with the participation of thousands of Syrian citizens from all genders and generations in condemnation of the AL unjust decisions against Syria, voicing support to the reform program led by President al-Assad and greeting the Syrian army’s sacrifices to preserve Syria’s security and stability.

Sit-in in Lattakia in Condemnation of the Arab League Decisions against Syria

A number of social, political and artistic figures staged a sit-in in Lattakia city on Thursday in condemnation of the Arab League decisions against Syria and in support of the independent national decision and the comprehensive reform program under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.

Participants in the sit-in denounced the Arab League stances which target the steadfastness of the Syrian people.

Participants said that the sit-in is a clear indication of the national unity of the Syrian people, adding that Syria is proud of its people who believe in the causes of its homeland.

It is a form of popular struggle aimed at relaying the voice of citizens, which rejects all forms of conspiracy, to the whole world.

The three-day sit-in includes a number of political, social, cultural and artistic activities as the participants set up several tents at Haroun Square downtown and raised national flags and placards glorifying the Syrian Arab army.

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