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Photos- Al-Manar Camera Unfolds Fabrications on Madaya


It’s not hard at all to reveal the reality behind what’s going on in Madaya in Damascus countryside. The black cloud fabricated by some media outlets was quickly removed through the integrated media that unfolded the truth, because the rope of lying is short even if it was  as taller as the distance between Riyadh and Madaya.

It was of no vain to search for skeletons that were portrayed by some reporters as humanitarian crisis waiting for the arrival of death in Madaya. Hungry cases found in the place have been caused by the militant groups who appointed themselves over around 40 thousand civilians, whose conditions forced them to stay in their houses.
Al-Manar Website wandered around Madaya

Thousands of Madaya residents narrated to Al-Manar reporter the same story: some families are packing their luggage to escape the militants’ atrocities after a long suffering from hunger and oppression.

“The gunmen stole the last dispatched humanitarian aid and distributed it among their families. Later on, they started to sell the food products at very high prices that are not affordable by any one,” witnesses of the local population said.

Firewood and cold houses that are trying to gain a share of the warmth is a common scene in Madaya, but this was before the aid started to enter. Since the early morning hours, civilians massed at one entrance to their town waiting for the vulva, in hope for not being stolen by the gunmen again. The queues remained crowded of residents despite the fall of rain that started with the entrance of the third convoy.

To avoid repeating the conditions imposed by the gunmen, manifests are getting filled of the names of families’ members who want to escape the bitter reality the gunmen impose on them, intending to go anywhere that is under the direct control of the Syrian Republic only.

However, those civilians who did not dare to come out of the area, either were prevented by guns, or they couldn’t get out to any other place due to their poor financial conditions and their inability to live outside the hometown.
Gunmen are working to prevent the civilians from leaving Madaya, so that they can use them as human shields to avoid any direct confrontation with the Syrian army and Hezbollah, as the latter surrounds the town waiting for residents to leave to launch its operation to restore it and take the militants out.
Interesting scene…

Despite the big rumors circulated by several media outlets that the humanitarian situation in Madaya is deteriorating and that Hezbollah is besieging the town and causing starvation, Al-Manar reporter has been welcomed in the area and residents gathered around him to express their conditions. This foils the attempts of Resistance’s haters and proves that fabricated media propaganda has failed to accomplish its mission.
Arrival of aid

Four trucks full of food entered Madaya after long delay caused by the obstacles intentionally made by terrorists, which violated the agreement signed between the parties.

The deal was supervised by the Red Cross, the United Nations and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. It is to be completed on Tuesday, according to the agreement.

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