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Photos- Imam Khomeini Awareness Day 2015 marked with visitations to Prisons, Hospitals in Nigeria

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Members Islamic Movement in Nigeria visited orphanage homes, schools , hospitals and prisons across many states in the country. They donated gifts items such as books and medical supplies to those visited.

In her thanks giving speech, Rev. Sister Mary in Kogi state appreciated the effort of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and prayed for the leadership of the Movement.

Again in the same Kogi state ,brother Mika’il Yunus and sister Fatima Indah explained the reason and purpose of the visit , both of them gave a short biography of Imam Khomeini and how he sacrificed his time money and life for the sake of Allah and humanity in general.

Children at the Orphanage home and those in hospital prayed for the repose of thee 3 sons of the leaders of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria , Ahmad, Hamid and Mahmud and other innocent members of the Movement that were murdered by the Nigerian Army on 25th July 2014.
Christian History Student, David Samuel said that Imam regularly sent congratulatory messages to the Christian leaders on the auspicious occasion of Christmas .He added that Imam Khomeini is a man of peace and unity.

At Kaduna Chapter, Pastor Yohannah Buru said that Imam Khomeni is the most influential from the Islamic perspective. He said Imam Khomeini’s life and struggle had impact not only on the Islamic world but the entire world communities .

At Aminu Kano teaching hospital Sister Maimuna Husaini and brother Sulaiman Gambo gave a brief account on the life of Imam Khomeini(Q.S) and the importance of brotherhood and humanity from the perspective of Imam Khomeni(Q.S)

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