PLC calls on Egypt to permanently open Rafah crossing

images_News_2014_08_29_Rafah-0_300_0The Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) appealed to the Egyptian authorities to open the Rafah border crossing permanently and facilitate the travel of the wounded civilians for medical treatment.

Khamis Al-Najjar, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, demanded in a statement issued on Friday the opening of Rafah crossing permanently before the injured people and medical supplies convoys.

He hailed the Palestinian medical crews for the heroic efforts they had made during the Israeli aggression against Gaza, condemning the deliberate targeting of hospitals and ambulances by Israeli warplanes.

Palestinian health officials say 2,139 people, including more than 490 children, were killed and over 11,000 were injured during the war on Gaza.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights said 540,000 people were displaced in the Gaza Strip and roughly 100,000 were rendered homeless.

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