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Plunderers of Egypt’s Wealth.. Documented – Part 2 of 3

The level of corruption characterizing Hosni Mubarak’s regime over thirty years, resulted in deals and commissions worth billions of dollars, which Mubarak and his family were to hide and launder through a complex network around the world.

Apparently, those who were in charge of that network were running a global Mafia to launder dirty money and hide it. This is only related to large amounts of money exceeding hundreds of billions of dollars, as it’s clearly demonstrated in the two documents publishes today.

What did Hosni Mubarak do to hide his money and launder it?
The first document was signed by Hosni Mubarak Dec 05,2009, before being signed by the notary public in the UK Dec 17, 2009. It shows how looted money is laundered through a long cycle of different accounts and names of British companies.

It is clear that the owners of those companies were receiving large commission fees for the laundering process they had been carrying out.

The process of laundering and camouflage consists of two stages:
A – Commissions are collected as treasury bonds, policies and international stock exchange bonds, not cash which can be traced in global banking systems.
B – Money is laundered through assignments in favor of global banking companies in the UK, Switzerland, Dubai, Luxembourg and other countries. The assignments stipulate a deposit of a treasury bond and other bonds in those global companies for a period ranging between 24 and 36 months. herein displays a prototype of the mentioned assignments signed by Hosni Mubarak to launder his money worldwide.

The document was a holding power of attorney providing for Hosni Mubarak’s deposit of treasury bonds in a company owned by a British man named (Sir Peter Squires) holding a UK passport No. 801 170 699.

In the document, Squire’s address and his UK phone number appear. At the forefront of the document shows the number of the treasury bond owned by Mubarak (298 709), as well as the law upon which the assignment was based (No. 98 702 e – n), alongside a text on the completion of the process under the law of secrecy of Special Certified Operations of the World Organization for Funds Control, based in New York.

Worth mentioning that the amount of $620 billion was the total package of the contract, of which Mubarak had a share.

The bottom of the paper shows the signature of Mubarakdated by his Arabic handwriting (Dec 5, 2009). The signature was marked in red and written in English, to clarify the date of Mubarak’s signature.

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