PM Halqi: Outcome of Dialogue Must be Syrian and National Par Excellence

20130302-181648_h470248Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi, on Saturday chaired a qualitative meeting for the Ministerial Committee which is tasked with following up on taking procedures to implement the political program for solution in Syria to evaluate the outcome of the consultative meetings the Committee has held with a large number of political forces and parties and popular, economic and cultural bodies.

The Prime Minister expressed content at the outcome of previous meetings which are finally aimed at restoring stability and security, stressing that the government is serious and ready for dialogue with every Syrian citizen and all components who reject violence and prefer dialogue to save the homeland.

He stressed that the outcome of dialogue must be Syrian and national par excellence made by the Syrian people themselves with no foreign agendas in order to create a suitable atmosphere to rebuild the renewed Syria and foil all U.S.-Zionist schemes and Takfiri thought.

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