PM Haniya Asks Muslim Media to See Palestinian Issue as Top Priority

PM Haniya Asks Muslim Media to See Palestinian Issue as Top PriorityPalestinian Prime Minister Ismayeel Haniya called on the Muslim world media to focus on the issue of Palestine in a bid to stop the Israeli regime from deviating world attention from the realities surrounding Palestine anymore.

“The issue of Palestine should not be regarded as a local or regional issue; Palestine is, rather, related to the entire Muslim World and it should top the agenda of all Islamic media,” Haniya said addressing the Seventh General Assembly meeting of the Islamic Radios and Televisions Union in Tehran on Sunday.

Stressing that the media play a uniquely important tole in the contemporary world, he said that the importance of the media war is no less than conventional military battles.

Haniya noted that the Zionist regime wants to ignore the issue of Palestine through negative propaganda, and said, “The Palestinian resistance will not give its rights and it will never lay down its arms unless it retains all its rights.”

The Palestinian prime minister further asked the Muslim Arab states not to harm the Palestinian issue unknowingly, avoid portraying the weapon of resistance weapon as an illegitimate means and take good care not to ignore the right of return of the Palestinians to their homeland.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the same event, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani underlined the necessity for reinforcing media and news corporations in the Muslim states in a bid to display the true face of Islam to the world.

“We can introduce a real face of Islam to the world, and by our productions and solidarity, we shouldn’t allow the West to pioneer in news and images and interpret the events (the way it wants); we should be the flag-bearer in such moves,” Rouhani said.

He stressed that the Muslim states can foil the West’s plots to distract the younger generation from the right path, and said, “We should display Islam’s real face and push away all those who have chosen the incorrect path of following the West and their reactionary behavior and those who have introduced Islamic as a religion of violence.”

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