Political analyst: Hamas has never given up armed resistance

images_News_2013_10_12_Qassam-0_300_0Political analyst Abdul-Sattar Qasem hailed Khaled Mashaal, the head of Hamas’s political bureau, for urging the Palestinian factions to return to armed resistance against the occupation to defend the Aqsa Mosque and restore the usurped Palestinian rights.

Qasem, a professor at Al-Najah university, affirmed in a press statement to Quds Press that Hamas has never abandoned its resistance and laid down its arms.

“Hamas is preparing itself to confront the occupation, and the conventional forces that support the resistance are helping it in that. There are ongoing preparations to confront the occupation; therefore, the power of Hamas should not be underestimated,” Qasem underlined.

“Mashaal’s talk about the resistance is an expression of the fact and not a claim,” he stressed.

Qasem ruled out the possibility that the Palestinian Authority and Fatah faction could respond to Mashaal’s call for engaging in armed resistance.

“The Palestinian Authority has implicated itself and the Palestinian people and cannot get out of this mess. The future of those in charge of the Palestinian Authority is associated with Israel and there would be no future for them if they rebelled against Israel, so their return to resistance is pure fantasy.”

“If Fatah wants to return to resistance, it has to get rid of its current leaders who are mostly made by the US and Israel.”

Qasem also expressed his belief that the national reconciliation and the security cooperation with the occupation cannot come together.

“The reconciliation under the security coordination is not possible at all because the Palestinian Authority arrests Palestinians in order to protect Israel’s security; therefore, it has to choose between reconciling with the Palestinian people or Israel and there are no middle choices.”

“Unfortunately, the Palestinian concessions are ongoing, and the negotiations reassure Israel that the Palestinian people do not want to do something to stand in its face and consequently Israel is persistent in its aggression against the Palestinian people with no regard to anyone, so the negotiations are a road to perdition.” the political analyst opined.

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