Popular Uprising against Israeli Forces’ Plans in Syria’s Occupied Golan


A large number of people in Israeli-occupied Golan in the Southwestern province of Quneitra poured into the street and opposed a new plan for the Judaization of their region, Syria’s state news agency reported on Sunday.

SANA reported that a large number of farmers in the occupied Golan and residents of the village of Masdah took to the streets and opposed an Israeli plan to install a network of wind turbine generators on their lands.

The protestors, whose daily life mainly depends on farming, said that installation of the turbines entails negative consequences for the environment.

The protestors said that the plant is the worst economic plan the Israeli occupiers have ever implemented in the Golan region, adding that Tel Aviv intends to devalue Golan’s land to force the residents to leave the region.

Israel plans to install 52 wind turbines in al-Hafayer, Sahita, al-Khavarit, al-Mosana’a, Hama al-Moshirafah and Ra’abanah in an area as large as 6,000 hectares in occupied Golan which is supposed to be a new plan to expel locals from their lands, according to SANA.

Syria’s state news agency reported last month that residents in Israeli-occupied Golan in Syria’s Quneitra province held a sit-in and opposed an Israeli plan for the Judaization of their region.

SANA said that Syrians in the occupied Golan held a sit-in in the small town of Majdal Shams to declare their opposition to any Israeli plan for Judaization of the Golan, including election for a local council.

It further said that the protestors underlined their adherence to their Syrian identity, vowing to continue uprising against Israeli forces to free the occupied Golan.

In the meantime, people gathered in Ein al-Tinah region in Quneitra province and declared their full support for the occupied Golan’s resident, opposing the Israeli-planned election for a local council.

The protestors further condemned any Israeli move to stir a gap among residents of Majdal Shams, Baqa’atha, Ma’sdah and Ein Daqnah regions in occupied Golan.

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