President Ahmadinejad: Western powers cannot hinder Iran’s divine message

59416ad2a0aa474e60d98e9fa13edc61_LIran’s president said the western powers’ efforts to prevent Iranian nation’s message reach world people is doomed to fail.

According to IRNA, during the inauguration ceremony of the two TV channels Tamasha and Salamat, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pointed to the performance of some western countries in cutting IRIB programs off the satellite, adding “They won’t be able to impede the dissemination of the divine and humane message of the Iranian nation to the world people.”
Elaborating on the media attempts and tricks of the Global Arrogance to attract public opinion through abusing of democracy, freedom and human rights, Iranian president said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting should update its activities to be able to respond to all these tricks.”
Noting that the status of IRIB is the symbol of a nation and a school of thought, Ahmadinejad highlighted “Having 33 independent networks and 20 nationwide channels indicates the valuable activities of the IRIB.”
He said “Today media have a significant role in the life of the people.”
Stressing that the national interests and security are the main point in information dissemination, the Iranian president said, “Many events happen in the world and inside Iran; so the news editor should choose correct criteria and considering national security and the ideals of the Islamic revolution he should try to create unity and calm.”

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