President al-Assad meets Iranian interior minister


President Bashar al-Assad met on Tuesday Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli and the accompanying delegation.

The deeply-rooted strategic relations between Iran and Syria and cooperation between the two countries in all fields, mainly in the field of fighting terrorism, were discussed during the meeting.

President al-Assad voiced Syrian people appreciation for Iran’s stance of supporting Syria in facing terrorism, asserting that “the friend countries, ahead of them, Iran and Russia, have an important role in supporting Syrians’ steadfastness during five years to achieve victories in their crucial war against Takfiri terrorism which may determine to a large extent features of new world map.”

For his part, the Iranian minister reiterated “the stance of the Iranian leadership and people, in standing by Syria, is firm and steady” and it stems from the absolute belief that the Syrian people face a fierce world war as its tools are the obscurantist terrorism, extremist Takfiri thoughts and its dangers exceed the boarders of Syria and the region.

Elsewhere in his speech, Mr. Assad said that the current war improved already cordial relations and brought two friend nations into a single front; “your visit to Syria sends political messages of solidarity of Iranians with Syrians,” he added.

“The Leader of the Islamic Revolution and President Rouhani have always emphasized upon unswerving support for Syrian government and people; the Leader has frequently dubbed Syrian presidency courageous, hard-working, and sagacious,” was Rahmani Fazli’s response to Assad’s laudatory remarks.

Minister of the Interior also expressed hope that the new Christian year would be a year of ultimate triumph for Syrian president and people. After Tuesday’s meeting, Rahmani Fazli left Damascus for Tehran by official escort of Mohammad Ibrahim al-Shaar his Syrian counterpart. Among the escorting crew were high-ranking officials of Syrian Interior Ministry, Iran’s ambassador to Damascus Mohammadreza Raouf Sheibani and many other dignitaries.

Rahmani Fazli was in Syria along a delegation for a two-day visit to Syria. During the tour, he had met with Vael al-Halqi, Syrian prime minister, Mohammad Jihad al-Laham, Parliament Speaker, General Ali Mamlouk, head of National Security Office, and Mohammad Ibrahim al-Shaar in separate sessions.

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