President al-Assad receives cable from first religious judge on Ramadan

20130708-220252_hSyrian President Bashar al-Assad on Monday received a cable from the first religious judge in Damascus Mahmoud al-Marawi saying “I have the bliss to tell you that the first day of the holy month of Ramadan in Syria starts on Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 and Tuesday is the 30th of Shaaban.”

The judge added in the cable “I avail this occasion to pray to God to provide you with strength and complete health and to return this holy month with good and prosperity to Syria and the whole Islamic nation.”

President al-Assad also received cables on this occasion from Minister of Endowments Mohammad Abdul-Satar al-Sayyed, Minister of Justice Najm al-Ahmad and Syria’s grand Mufti Ahmad Badr Eddin Hassoun in which they wished stability and security to Syria.

Ramadan starts on wednesday in Syria

The holy month of Ramadan starts on Wednesday July 10th, 2013 in Syria, First religious judge in Damascus Mahmoud al-Marawi announced.

The judge added that the crescent of Ramadan was not seen today, so Shaaban month will be completed on Tuesday.

Muslims around the world perform fasting in the holy month of Ramadan each year from the dawn till sunset.

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