President al-Assad stresses cementing ties with DPRK over shared pressure

President al-Assad stresses cementing ties with DPRK over shared pressure

President Bashar al-Assad stressed the need for cementing the historical ties binding Syria and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) given that both countries have been for years undergoing all forms of siege and pressure.

During a meeting Thursday with a Democratic Korean delegation headed by Minister of Foreign Trade Ri Ryong Nam, the President said both countries have been on the same footing, refusing to bow to pressures, rejecting subordination, sticking to sovereignty and independent decision and standing against the imperialist plots targeting the interests and capabilities of the peoples in their two regions.

A common desire to build on and develop the solid friendship relations between Syria and Democratic Korea were the focus of the talks, which also touched upon the outcomes of the recently held joint committee in Damascus.

The DPRK minister, for his part, affirmed that his country will continue to stand by the Syrian people in the face of the unjust war waged against them.

The Syrian people, he said, are able to achieve victory and rebuild a free prosperous Syria, a confident remark that is based on what the delegation have come to see during their visit to Syria, according to Ri Ryong Nam.

The DPRK supports holding the presidential elections in Syria, he added, as they mark an important event through which the Syrians will send a clear message to all those who wish their country ill.

The Syrians will also affirm through the elections that they are moving ahead with protecting their state and determining its future by themselves, said the Democratic Korean minister.

Minister of Culture Lubaneh Mshaweh, chairperson of the Joint Syrian-Democratic Korean Committee and attended the meeting, along with the DPRK ambassador in Damascus.

The 9th Syrian-DPRK Joint Economic Committee wrapped up earlier on the day, signing a number of agreements and executive programs that cover the spheres of industry and scientific and technical cooperation in the fields of specifications, standards and quality control, in addition to media.

A memo of understanding between the General Establishment of Radio and TV and the DPRK Central Radio Committee and the protocol agenda of the ninth joint committee were also signed.


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