President Assad: Ankara seeks legitimization for aiding foreign terrorists

President Bashar Al-Assad confirms that “Ankara seeks to legitimize its support to the armed groups in Syria via accusing Damascus of aiding the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK).

President Assad, in part II of his interview with Iedenlak Turkish Newspaper, said that” a great number of Turks have joined the terrorists groups which have been fighting against the Syrian people”. President added, “Syria does not support the PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party), pointing out that the Turkish Government had fired such allegations to legitimize its support to the armed groups”.

“When we used to have fine connections, relations with Turkey, they did not point at such accusations; backing up the Kurdistan Worker’s party, Al-Assad indicated”.

Bashar Al-Assad added that, “When tensions break out with the Turkish Government, Ankara has operated with the armed groups, which have been committing the crimes in Syria, starting to bring out such claims in order to receive support for Turkish public opinion for these groups”. President Bashar Al-Assad added, “I don’t believe that the Turkish people might believe this”.

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