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President Assad: Saudi, Turkey Incapable of Intervening Directly in Syria



The Syrian president Bashar Assad said on Monday that the crisis in Syria is a foreign war against the country, adding that Saudi and Turkey are incapable of intervening directly in Syria.

President Assad pointed out that the Riyadh and Ankara are carrying out their lords’ plots, considering that the Saudi-Turkish threats are mere blackmails since they are not allowed to launch such an action.

“If their lords had allowed them to launch a military intervention in Syria, they would have started it several month ago.”

Commenting on the political process to put an end to the Syrian crisis, President Assad considered that the delegation of the Saudi-led political parties includes mere terrorist traitors, calling on all the Syrians to sacrifice in order to regain all the national rights.

President Bashar al-Assad met on Monday members of the central Bar Association and the affiliated councils in the Syrian cities, according to SANA.

The President affirmed the important role played by popular organizations and syndicates as they can play a basic role and a bridge between the government and society in a lot of sectors.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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