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President Assad: War Is Not Over Yet, Eliminating Terrorists Is Priority

Syrian President Bashar Assad affirmed that the war against terrorism is not over a long as we have terrorists occupying some areas of our country and committing different kinds of crimes and assassinations.

The President added in an interview with Rossiya Segodnya News Agency that the US-Turkish presence on the Syrian territory is occupation that should be eliminated.

President Assad pointed out that the Syrian army and allies managed in 2013 to liberate several areas from the terrorist group, adding that ISIL reversed the course of the crisis by seizing swathes of territories in 2014.

The Syrian President stressed that the Russian aerial intervention in 2015 was game-changing, adding that it decisively supported the Syrian army in the battle to liberate Aleppo city.

“We started a plan for upgrading our army two years ago, and it’s self-evident that we’re going to do this upgrade in cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Defense, because for decades now, our army depends fully on Russian armaments. But there are priorities; it’s not necessarily the missiles; maybe you have other priorities now regarding the conflict on the ground.”

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