President Rouhani: Moderation is required to introduce real Islam


President Hassan Rouhani urged clerics to play a unifying role in the society and said moderation is necessary more than ever before to achieve the goal.

Speaking to senior clerics and Friday Prayer leaders on Thursday evening, he said, ‘Today, there is a significan need to moderation both inside the country and in the region for the important task of introducting Islam.’

Saying that Iran is closely followed as a role model by the Muslims worldwide, he added despite of significant steps taken in the nuclear negotiations between Iran and P5+1 group of world powers, there are still heavy reponsiblities considering the regional developments and violence and extrmism in the name of religion.

President Rouhani also hailed the support and guidelines of the Supreme Leader and said, ‘He has always guided and supported the government, without which it would have been impossible to gain the existing achievements.’

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