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Press TV poses challenge to Western monopoly on media

khan20121226163553013Since the recent western activities against Iran’s media and diplomatic relations, I have continuously found myself with more questions than satisfaction of answers I thought I knew and understood; the answers to which we all, at PressTV, seemed to have come to unanimous agreement of, that the recent western anti-Iran efforts such as the Ban of PressTV in the Americas and further deteriorating diplomatic relations and other anti-cultural barriers, were apparently caused more by western fears of the Iranian ability to present the truth, (or rather to present their own version of story, in the two sides, so to speak) to the exposed western audiences.

This, I am a sadden to say, is an undergraduate-level of analysis and should not have been of ours, the more experienced and professionally advanced intellect to global affairs (myself accountable as well, see my recent jumped-on the bandwagon piece on PressTV, ”The Logic of Western Cultural War Against Iran”).

My dear ladies and gents, fellow columnists and readers at PressTV, I am sorry (truly) to say this, but we must come to a painful self-critique and realisation that ”we all missed the truth!”.

This personal state of critique and self-analysis saw myself recollecting and reorganising every piece of events that has happened especially in the past few months to see if I was able to somehow get to an alternative hypothesis or answer of what was really taking place.

What I found out, based on these new studies and re-assessments, was that there might be something else going on which seemed to really be able to answers all my enquiries.

You see, my dear fellow commentators and readers, my findings seemed to show that the west have moved beyond their ”Plan Iran Option A”, and now they are actually setting-out their new ”Plan Iran Option B”.

Plan Iran Option A, we all know had at it’s goal the need to deny Iran access to the Nuclear Knowledge and most significantly the Bomb. To accomplish this goal the west set out to [a] approach Iran via diplomatic communications of presenting ”Carrots” in terms of economic deals, as well as alternative energy technological support and funds, and so forth, in place of giving up the Project for Nuclear Power/Capability.

[b] While this ”carrot” approach was taking place, the West also kept close their ”Stick” approach, threatening Iran with limited kinetic/effect-based operational strike on their industrial plants, or a full-fledged war. Alas, the goal (denying Iranian right to Nuclear Power) and the means to this goal (a mix of Carrot and Sticks) both began to loss their credibility and effectiveness primarily as the result of events in Syria. You see, ladies and gents, the west were pinning their timing to the general original Iran Plan [A] successes based on the swift end to the Syrian Crisis first. They believed Syria would be a ”walk over” like Libya was in 2010.

Where their new proxy puppets will be elevated to power and whatever needed ”cleaning up”, like Libya, after the crisis will be do-able in time and patience. But what the west strongly believed and pinned their entire hopes on, that the swiftness of the end to the Syrian crisis would have meant the ability to focus their energy and force on Iran. Syria broke the camels back, literally, (hence my ever cries not to let Syria fall), in other words, Syrian Crisis protracted nature destroyed the west’s original plans [A] against Iran, especially also as the rising powers of China and Russia seemed unmovable in preserving what remained of their geopolitical competitive advantages (and balance of power) in the region (namely, Middle East), and also Iran’s own dynamic progress towards nuclear power status seemed finally to be on it’s way; meaning, the west seemed to have recognized that Iran will be a nuclear power soon and this realisation is what seemed to have brought about the new rethinking within the west on how to, on this changed environment, now deal with a ”Nuclear Iran”.

The Plan Iran Option B, can be correctly recognized as the Korean Model to diplomatic crisis management.

In short, the west having accepted (behind doors, watch the changing tone and behaviour as key indicators of strategic changes to crisis management) that they can not stop Iran becoming a nuclear power, because they can not afford, or even be able to use force against her (in limited nature or outright war), without disturbing the nature of geopolitical power relations with China and Russia, and probably with the greater Islamic populace especially in the region, and those Iranian allies (Shias majority) of Hezbullah, Bahrain, Qatari and others who might further escalate (that a blowback) downfalls of their/western own proxies via their own new ”Arab Spring” against these most valuable western proxies in the region found within the Persian Gulf community.

So the west thus seem to have decided on an outright North Korean strategic approach of starving, encircling and isolating Iran from the International politics, economics and finances.

This is why the west is banning PressTV, or is forcing a closure of diplomatic embassies, or is breaking off relations of all form with Iran, and we can claim (with delusional hopes that) EU-in-totality is not in agreement, but the truth is this is temporal and as time and events passes on, there will be a complete agreement within the western community (as well as those western proxy ”partnerships” in international system) to ”shun out” Iran like it has been with North Korea: hence, I refer to this approach as the Korean Model (intended to stop all relations, exchanges and communications).

This is the new western Plan Iran Option B: a Nuclear-Power Iran isolated, heavily sanctioned and encircled by heavily armed proxies of the west. The final point of heavily armed western regional proxies is as clear as the blueness of skies. We can all observe the rearming (and accelerating arms races) of the key regional allies powers of the west (the puppet-proxies). The new arms deals such as the most recent $4bn Oman-BAE deal, or the German land-based weapon systems arms sales to Saudi Arabia, or Qatari and UAE new acquisitions, and not to forget the rapid growth in the new western bases and numbers in equipments and personnel (with British recently announcing an expansion in the region), or Turkey and Patriot missiles (as all commentators on strategic affairs debating whether these are intended for Iran and not Syria as claimed), Jordan and US-led special forces and intelligence battalions.

The point, dear readers and fellow columnists, we all were quickly to misread the recent events without really making an effort to piece the events into a coherent picture, which if critically examined goes beyond the obvious unanimously accepted reasons to why the west fear Iranian media outlets, which we thought was as a result of the challenge to their media monopoly, or truthtelling character of these outlets and so forth.

The truth, when critical explored, is much complex than the above outlined simplified deduction, as events have shifted and transformed (by other local events) into new character, that dictated originally by an Iranian IN PURSUIT of nuclear capabilities and the west in pursuit to stop this, to an Iranian WITH recognizable nuclear capabilities, which seemed to have had a seismic impact on the original western Plan [A] of sticks and carrots, to a new rethought Plan [B] of starvation, Isolation and Armed-Encirclement. This article is open to debate, please comment or email me directly.

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