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Pressure mounts on Yemeni government over US drone strikes


The latest US drone in Yemen attacks sparked anti-government demonstrations from families of drone victims and tribal clans demanding moral, and financial, compensation for the lives lost.
Graffiti of US drones have also been spray painted on one of the street walls in Yemen’s capital. A youth activist told Press TV-the graffiti are a peaceful way to demonstrate the people’s frustration over the government’s failure to bring an end to the drone program. According to Ahmed Rahabi- an attorney for the National Human Rights and Freedom Organization Hood, the US drone attacks violate the Yemeni constitution and any government official who supports or aids such an act, could be prosecuted. In addition to the nationwide public outrage, Yemen’s parliament has voted to ban the US drone strikes in the country. Now it remains to be seen if the pressure is enough to halt the airstrikes

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