Prominent Lebanese cleric Seyyed Ali Fadlollah spotlights importance of mutual respect

sii-alimi-ali-fadlallah-aa-ya-konustu-aciklamasi-3899956_9002_oLebanese prominent scholar underscored the importance of mutual respect and collaboration among Muslims and western people.
Lebanese learned religious scholar and the son of late Seyyed Mohammed Hussain Fadlollah, Sheikh Seyyed Ali Fadlollah put stress on the importance of mutual respect and collaboration among Muslims and western people, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

“There stand many commonalities among Muslims and western people,” said the religious cleric stating, “We should use these positive points in a bid to provide an amicable milieu for more cooperation.”

“Western people should get familiar with many issues and instructions proposed and determined in the divine religion of Islam including Women, punishment, human right,” said Sheikh Seyyed Ali Fazlollah.

“They should not care a pin about some Fatwas issued by extremist movements,” the Lebanese cleric mentioned.

“Religion of Islam is the religion of peace and negotiation and by nature recognizes the voice and right of those takes running counters to its credos and ideology,” Sheikh Seyyed Fazlollah mentioned.

The religious cleric underscored that vandalism and violence should be purged through the passage meetings and dialogues.

The Lebanese face went on to say, “Islam Prophet (PBUH) never rejected the veracity of previous prophets’ invitation; on the contrary the holy face accentuated the necessity of negotiation among all nations and civilizations, spotlighted the importance and necessity of peace.”

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