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Prominent Sunni Cleric: “School and Culture of Qur’an and Ashura has gained its original identity by Islamic Revolution.”

“Karbala the loneliness, madhloomiyat (oppression) reflection of the Pure Mohammadi Islam;.. Ashura the representation of True Islam, the preservtion, justification of Family of Islam by watering with pure blood in order to give on commission of Pure Mohammadi Islam to the future eras, ages influentially, and vigorously. Ashura the divulgation, uncovering of the Islamic faced fithy powers, hypocrites and the vigilance, standing up against them. Ashura reflects the practices, diciplines of school and culture of Qur’an and Ashura has gained its original identity by Islamic Revolution. With the help of Islamic Revolution, Ashura has become the top agenda of a great majority of world muslims who were deprived of the soul, consciousness of it while Ashura has been liberated from the aimless, entangled with superstitions (in fact, myth), official and standart practices of others. Ashura has been brought to one of the most important basic dynamics and even the most important position before and after the Revolution.” From the Pen of Prominent Sunni Cleric Hizbullah HAKVERDI (Hilmi KOCAASLAN)

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