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Prominent traits of sage of the age, Imam Khomeini


Today, we become familiar with the Founder of Islamic Republic of Iran, late Imam Khomeini’s (God bless his soul) efforts for unification and solidarity of Muslims. Throughout the history of Islam, numerous efforts have been made for unification of nations, which have been pioneered by prominent figures. Meanwhile, the thoughts and efforts of late Imam mark a golden chapter in the efforts of Muslims to close ranks. Late Imam attached significant importance to solidarity and unity of Muslims. He efocused on this important goal throughout the movement and after the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, noting that the Islamic Ummah will never attain its goals and victory if disputes arise among Muslims.

Late Imam was the flag-bearer of unity; and wanted all Islamic nations to attain independence and freedom upon the establishment of solidarity among Muslims. In the view of late Imam, Muslims should not allow the Global Arrogance to meddle in the affairs of Islamic countries.

In the standpoint of late Imam, peaceful coexistence with all countries is a must for maintenance of global peace. At the time of presence of late Imam in Paris; his associates, upon Imam’s request, handed out confectionary and flowers among neighbors on Christmas Eve as a good will gesture.

Late Imam always pointed out that Islamic Republic of Iran’s government and nation wants to establish fraternal ties with Muslims of the region and the world, and peaceful coexistence with all countries, across the globe.

Late Imam believed that even if a community would maintain talented human resources and military power, but would lack unity, it would not be able to maintain its coherence in the face of crises.

Late Imam, in a bid to maintain the unity and vigilance of Muslims, took into consideration topics of importance; such as the issue of Palestine, Hajj rituals, and disavowal of disbelievers; presenting his unifying ideas with the intention of defending the Islamic territories, attaining freedom and honor for mankind, and spreading justice, worldwide. The Islamic unity considered by late Imam brought about countless benefits for Muslims, including Iran’s Islamic Revolution, Islamic liberation movements, maintenance of dignity of Muslims, and arrogant powers’ fear of Muslims.

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