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Protest to Al- Assad fair, protest to Turkish PM unfair

According to Turkish mass media the latest development in Turkey and region are astonishing. The develpments in Turkey especially the latest one in METU University. Turkish PM had a visit to METU University but he faced a harsh protest by the METU students. At least 2 500 police forces used tear gas to disperse the angry students. After all protest the Turkish PM said the students did not have such a right to protest him but the interesting point is that Turkish Government fuel the unrest in Syria by giving any arms, money and being the entrance- gate for the terrorists. Turkish PM said the unrest was unfair on the other hand he sends all military support to the terrorists in Syria. According to Independent and NY the Al- Qaida terrorists are trained in Turkish soil and being send to Syria for fighting against Al- Assad. Russia and China also rejects any military intervention to Syria but despite the militants are well-known for their massacre against Syrian Civilians US, Israel, S. Arabia, Qatar, France, Turkey, UK, Germany, Italy and other western countries continue to their all means support to terrorists.

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