Puppet Arab Regimes Provide Syria Terrorists with Anti-Aircraft Guns

Terrorists in Syria have received a shipment of anti-aircraft guns alongside a great boost from the United States to act against the Syrian government, the British Financial Times daily revealed.

The daily quoted a “high-ranking activist” in the so-called Syrian opposition as saying that the insurgents have recently received a shipment of anti-aircraft guns from Arab countries in the Gulf area.

The newspaper pointed out that “activists in the Syrian opposition in the united States have received a boost recently in the war against the regime of President Assad, after one of their support groups obtained a license from U.S. Treasury Department to provide the Free Syrian Army with communication and logistic support and other services.”

“Washington and European allies are still very reluctant about throwing its weight behind the militant insurgency in Syria, despite celebrations of Syrian expatriates standing behind the U.S.-based Syrian Support Group (SSG),” the Financial Times added.

“The Syrian support group will collect money in favor of the free Syrian army to help in buying more weapons and provide it with advice and training under the license obtained from the U.S. Treasury Department,” the British daily noted.

The Financial Times also quoted Brian Sayers, director of government relations at the Syrian Support Group, as saying that the group “has tested nine military boards in field which could be provided reliable military assistance. They have good leadership and are aware of the officers commanding them.”

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