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Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey support terrorism in Iraq

938397_thumA Rule of Law Coalition member in Iraq has said Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey support terrorism in Iraq.
“Abdul Salam al-Maliki said that Iraqi terrorists had confessed receiving financial help from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey for their terrorist operations,” Mehr News quoted Iraq’s Buratha News Agency as reporting.

“These countries seek to provoke tribal conflicts through providing support for terrorist armed groups,” al-Maliki said. He also believed that these countries did not have a benevolent idea of Iraq.

“Turkey does not have a clear policy on Iraq, and its foreign ministry visit to Iraq without informing Iraqi government is violation of Iraq’s sovereignty. It also given refuge to Tariq al-Hashemi, one of the corruption suspects,” he added.

Al-Maliki demanded the termination of foreign interference in Iraq by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey.

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