Quds Force reveals meetings between Bashar Al-Assad and Qassem Soleimani

The Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard revealed “new information about the commanders and perpetrators of the assassination of the late commander Qassem Soleimani.”

Brigadier General Muhammad Hijazi, deputy commander of the Quds Force, commented during an exclusive interview with Al-Mayadeen TV, on accusing Iran of interfering with foreign affairs, stressing that “the Islamic Republic of Iran helps those who ask it for help, and it does not interfere, and will not interfere in any country or country, unless He asked her to do so. ”

Regarding the special relationship between Qassem Soleimani and Hezbollah, Hijazi said, “Their way of thinking is common and their goal is one. This matter brings people together, especially since they worked together for a long time, and they were together in the July 2006 war, and before and after it.”

He explained that, “it is sufficient for you to follow the reports and analyzes of the Israeli experts in order to realize the depth of the fear in which they live because of the strength of the resistance and its accurate missiles,” considering that “the occupation fears that these missiles will reach Hezbollah, but as you heard from Hassan Nasrallah, who said that they arrived and that they own them.”

He continued: “We know that Nasrallah is a sincere man and does not speak propaganda, when he says that it reached our hands, then this is certain,” noting that “the number is greater than the enemy imagines.” He said, “The resistance today has very good potentials, and if the enemy commits any foolishness, he will surely regret it.”

Hijazi said that “the Israeli allegations of strikes that they claim to have directed at us in various arenas, many of them are lies and propagandist words, and our advisory office in Syria has repeatedly responded to these lies and denied them.”

During the confrontations, Hijazi pointed out that “Qassem Soleimani used to go to see for himself and match what he saw with the information and reports that were presented to him, and his method and style made him knowledgeable about the field.”

He added that “President Al-Assad was very much benefiting from this information and news, he talked about that,” stressing that “ Martyr Soleimani was expressing to President Al-Assad his views and plans, explaining to him how to think and planning for the future, and consulting the president and mixing his opinion about them.”

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