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“Quds, Heart of Islamic World” conference held in Moscow

Expert level webinar titled ‘Quds, the Heart of the Islamic World’, in the presence of a number of Iranian and Russian officials and thinkers, was held in Moscow on Wednesday evening.

The participants in that webinar presented their viewpoints on the Palestinian issue and the need for Islamic world unity for effective resistance in confrontation with the usurper Zionists’ plots and emphasized the need for Islamic society’s unity and wholehearted support, along with the supporters of the liberation of Palestine around the globe, and also aimed at liberating the first Qubla of the Muslims, and return of the Palestinians to their ancestral  lands.

Iran’s Ambassador to Russia, Kazem Jalali said in the webinar: Ever since its establishment in the year 1948, the Zionist regime of Israel began massacring the Palestinian Muslims and the other Muslim and Arab nations, and murdering some 100,000 Palestinians and Arabs since the year 1948 is just one of the criminal acts of that usurper regime.

“Ever since its establishment, the Zionist regime, relying on the strong support of the global oppression system, has been massacring the Palestinian women and children, and only during the past 20 years the Zionist regime militants and Zionist townships’ dwellers have martyred 2,100 Palestinian children. 

***Russia’s stand on independent Palestinian state unchangeable 
Deputy Head of the Russian Muslims Muftis Council, Rowshan Hazrat Abyasev, said in the webinar that the Holy Quds belongs to the entire true religions, adding: The Judaizing of the Holy Quds, that began a few decades ago, has been accelerated during the past couple of years, and has not only bothered the world Muslims, but also the international society, including the Christians of different faiths, who are all opposed to the Judaizing of the Holy Quds.

***Philosophy of nominating the Quds Day
The head of Moscow’s Islamic Center Holjjatoleslam Akbar Jeddi, too, referred to the historical philosophy of nominating the last Friday of the holy fasting month of Ramadan as the International Holy Quds Day.

“The Grand Prophet of Islam’s ascendance to heaven in month of Ramadan began from the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Holy Quds and the late Imam Khomeini’s nomination of the last Friday of Ramadan as the Quds Day was done keeping this point in mind, which is why the Muslims will remember it forever,” said Hojjatoleslam Jeddi.

He said that the Islamic Revolution of Iran took shape based on campaign against oppression, and since obvious oppression against human rights has been taking place in Palestine ever since the establishment of Israel, Iran is hoisting the flag of liberation of both Palestine and the Holy Quds quite righteously,” he said.

Many Russian officials and thinkers, too, participated in the webinar, as a sign of their unity with the world Muslims for liberation of Palestine and the occupied Holy Quds.

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