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Raeisi launches website, calls on people to introduce cabinet

The Iranian President-elect Ebrahim Raeisi has launched a website, calling on the Iranian people to introduce competent managers and capable cabinet members to him.

The website that president-elect Raeisi announced on Friday is dubbed ” Yaran-e Raeisi” or the “Raeisi’s Companions”.

Raeisi said in order to form a democratic government, which will be the 13th Iranian administration since the 1979 revolution, all elites, intellectuals, groups, parties, organizations and people from all walks of life are invited to introduce individuals who are suitable for a post in the new cabinet and other managerial posts.

“Competency”, ” being anti-corruption”, “revolutionary” and “enjoying the support of the people” are among the characteristics that the president-elect has stressed that his companions must have in his future administration.

In a statement on Friday, Raeisi once against thanked the people for their turnout and trusting and electing him as the next Iranian president.

His website is available at: 

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