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Rafsanjani asserts importance of ‘unity’ in Iran


Influential Iranian cleric and politician Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani says unity is the most essential need of the country to ‘foil plots’.

“Unity of the Iranian nation is the vital need of the country under the current circumstances as a means to thwart plots and move towards progress,” said Rafsanjani in the inaugural ceremony of the 6th session of the Assembly of Experts on Tuesday.

He noted that Iranian officials are working on a plan to find a solution to the ongoing situation (erupted after the presidential election) based on guidelines of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

Rafsanjani, who is served as head of the Assembly of Experts, pointed to the martyrdom of a senior cleric who was shot dead by terrorists in western Iran.

“Security officials should identify agents behind this crime because such moves have considerable effects on security of the region,” he said.

Mamousta Sheikholeslam, who represented the people of Kordestan Province in the Assembly of Experts, was shot twice in the head by unknown gunmen in a mosque in Sanandaj on Thursday.

Referring to the claims about a possible invasion on Iran ahead of nuclear talks between Iran and the major world powers the influential cleric said, “Monopolistic colonialists begin a preparatory attack that gives us an alert to be very cautious and get prepared.”

“We hope no undesirable situation will occur. But preparedness guarantees our security.”

The cleric however described most of the enemy’s activities as psychological warfare. “Their moves are part of a psychological warfare to make us diplomatically passive but our active diplomacy will help us to act appropriately.”

Rafsanjani urged members of the Assembly of Experts to pay attention to domestic affairs of the country.

“Members of the Assembly of Experts, who are trusted by the nation and are aware of the circumstances and responsibilities they shoulder, should make efforts to fulfill their duties. We need more vigilance.”

The Expediency Council head warned that foreign powers have waged a psychological warfare ahead of the beginning of the new academic year in Iran.

“If we think and assess events appropriately and make timely decisions, we will be able to direct the situation properly,” Ayatollah Rafsanjani added.

He touched upon ways to strengthen convergence among the Iranian nation, saying, “I think we will face no issue of concern, if the Iranian people and authorities pay heed to the Leader’s remarks.”

Rafsanjani warned that making accusations against each other and creating an atmosphere of mental insecurity would ruin everything.

“All officials should pay attention to this issue to prevent escalation of the situation.”

Referring to Ayatollah Khamenei’s remarks during the Eid al Fitr sermon on Sunday, the top cleric said, “The Leader laid emphasis on implementing laws.”

“Either officials or the opposition should be bound to laws. They should not expect negligence if they did not act in line with laws because illegal acts mean creation of chaos in the country,” Rafsanjani added.

He said that the Leader warned against accusing certain figures of committing unlawful acts while they are absent and not capable of defending themselves.

“It is not right that the media publish whatever they like. It is necessary to counter them,” the Assembly of Experts head stressed.

In his address, Ayatollah Khamenei said, “It should be noted that what was aired on state television from recent court sessions in which defendants accused others who were not present of wrongdoings…this is not reliable…whatever the suspect says about himself in the court session can be reliable…but if it is about someone else it is not dependable.”

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