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Raid by Indians leads to evacuation of Peru village

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Peruvian authorities have moved to evacuate a remote Amazon village that was recently run over by members of an indigenous tribe referred to as uncontacted Indians.

The Tuesday development came after nearly 200 Mashco-Piro Indians armed with bows and arrows arrived at the village of Monte Salvador on Thursday, allegedly looking for food and metal objects.

This is reportedly the third such incident this year in which the Mashco-Piro Indians have descended from surrounding forests into Monte Salvador.

In the latest incident, members of the indigenous Indian tribe arrived while most of the villagers had gone away, ransacking their homes before retreating back into the forest, according to Peruvian authorities. During the raid, the indigenous Indians also took cooking pots and other metal objects from the villagers’ homes.

The villagers said that the attacking Indians also killed some of their animals.

Meanwhile, the Peruvian police have dispatched boats to take the affected villagers to Puerto Maldonado, a busy town in southeastern Peru near its borders with Bolivia and Brazil. Authorities say it would be safer for villagers to move to a larger town.

This is while a local indigenous organization (Fenamed) has called on the Peruvian government to protect the Mashco-Piro’s land, much of which has been taken over by logging companies and drug-traffickers.

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