Razi-Covo Pars Covid19 Vaccine mass production line approved

Deputy Head of Razi Serum Research and Production Institute Dr. Mohammad-Hassan Fallah-Mehrabadi said here on Tuesday that simultaneous with the last human testing phases of Razi-Covo Pars Covid19 Vaccine launching of its mass production line, too, was approved today.

Speaking to IRNA, Fallah expressed hope that the final human testing phase of this vital product will end in very near future, enabling its industrial investment to be made as soon as possible.

He further hailed the close cooperation among ministries of health, agricultural Jihad and the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) in this program and hoped that by the end of the last human testing phase, launching of the mass production line of the vaccine, too, will take place.

The professor said that prior to the human testing phases, this vaccine was tested on a large number of animals, with very satisfactory results and hoped the same results will achieved in the last phase of its human testing.

According to the official, 133 people volunteered in the 1st phase of the human trial phase, 13 of whom received the vaccine initially while the rest had it according to a gradual time schedule.

“The next phase started a week later on a larger group, subdivided into four test groups, and 23 days’ time lapse was given in this phase, after which the smelling phase of the vaccine began 30 days later,” said Dr. Fallah.

He said that after the successful end of that first phase and receiving the approval of the health ministry, tests on 500 human volunteers began in two 250-people sub-groups and in this final phase a huge number of volunteers in Iran’s various provinces are involved.

The human trial of Razi-Covo Pars Covid19 Vaccine, which is the first Iranian injection-smelling new-formula protein Corona compound, has reached its final phase under the supervision of Agricultural Jihad Minister Kazem Khavazi, Head of Iranian Medical Science University Jalil Kouhpayeh, and a number of officials and researchers of Rasul-e Akram Hospital. 

The method applied in production of this vaccine is in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) routine.

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