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Razing villages won’t change facts of history

Hamas strongly condemned the Israeli occupation forces’ new racist crime of razing an entire Palestinian village in the northern Jordan Valley, asserting that the policy of razing Palestinian villages won’t change facts of history.

Hamas said in a press release on Wednesday that the demolition of Abul Ajjaj village in favor of expansion projects in nearby settlement of Miskyut has rendered the one thousand inhabitants of the village homeless.

It said that the new “Zionist, racist crime” is the latest in a series of racial cleansing crimes aimed at evicting Palestinians from their villages in which they and their forefathers lived from time immemorial.

The movement hailed the inhabitants of Palestinian villages who are standing fast in face of the forced evacuation bids led by the IOF and its military arsenal.

Hamas urged the Palestinian masses to display solidarity with Abu Ajjaj inhabitants and to resist IOF crimes and schemes, which aim at destroying 45 other Arab villages. It called on the Arab League and the UN to assume their duties and restrain the Israeli occupation authority’s crimes against humanity.

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