Recent Israeli threats against Iran: April fool

Recent Israeli threats against Iran
Islamic Republic of Iran Armed Forces Deputy of Staff and Spokesman has said that Israeli Air Force Commander’s threats on Israeli strike on Iran are more like the April fool.
Brigadier General Seyyed Masoud Jazayeri, Armed Forces Deputy of Staff and Spokesman believed that Israeli Air Force Commander’s threat of Israel’s impending attack on Iran is an April fool’s hoax.

He also provided comments on Amir Eshel, Commander in Chief of the Israeli Air Force’s threats and said that “The Zionists suffered great debacle in war with Hezbollah, the 22-day war, and the recent Gaza battle. Their boasting is well known everywhere.”

Addressing the racist Zionist regime officials, Jazayeri said that “the Zionist regime’s fame for power comes from their psychological operations and imperialistic media. The reality is that the occupier regime is rotten from inside and suffers chronic decay, something which all will know soon.”

This high-ranking Armed Forces official also asserted described Zionist regime as ‘too weak to launch a war.’

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