Recognizing Western, US, Israel-backed so- called Syrian National Coalition will Change Nothing on Ground

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Fayssal Miqdad considered Thursday that America and other countries’ recognition of the “Syrian National Council” will change nothing on ground.

Speaking to The Independent, Miqdad said that foreign countries were “recognizing an artificial structure, a structure that will help promote the objectives of the US and European countries in Syria”, and denied “that the “opposition” represented real political forces inside Syria”.

The Syrian top official asserted that “the coalition had been created by the US,” reassuring that “this [move by the US] will not add anything… it is mere propaganda and psychological warfare directed against the Syrians and the Syrian government and is aimed at encouraging those armed groups that have been unable to achieve any real progress in Syria.”

Regarding the US condemnation of the terrorist group Al-Nusra Front, which has waged a number of deadly attacks against innocent civilians in Syria, Miqdad said “it is too late, too small… We believe they should have condemned all those who are carrying arms against a legitimate government. They should tell their friends to refrain from supporting terrorism in Syria.”

On another hand, the Syrian deputy foreign minister told the British daily that all this hostility against Syria was a result of “its support for the Palestinians against Israel and its long- term alliance with Iran.”

On Syrian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Jihad’s Maqdissi’s resignation, Miqdad clarified that “he is on release for three months and he’s enjoying his time, I hope.”

“For this moment, until now, he is still spokesman… we did not take any other decision,” Miqdad said responding to a question on his current location with: “It is said he is in Beirut”.

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