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‘Removing Iran or Hezbollah from Syria is totally out of the question’: Syria’s Top Official

In statements to Lebanon’s Al-Mayadeen TV, the special advisor to the Syrian President, Buthaina Shaaban, said that “removing Iran or Hezbollah from Syria is totally out of the question.”

Shaaban considered that the words of the special envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, and his conditions are not equal to the value of the ink with which it was written, and Syria will not overstep its sovereignty, stressing that “no one decides for Damascus how its relationship with Iran, Hezbollah and the Palestinian resistance should be.”

The special advisor in the Syrian presidency explained, “The relationship between Damascus and Moscow is a relationship that is equitable and based on respect. Russia and China respect their allies,” saying, “Russia cannot ask Damascus to expel Iran or Hezbollah from its lands, as this is totally out of the question.”

Iran has previously said that they are inside Syria at the request of the Syrian authorities, and that they will remain inside the Arab Republic until they are asked to withdraw by Damascus.

Meanwhile, some reports surfaced last year about the withdrawal of Hezbollah’s forces from Syria; however, this has proven untrue, as the Lebanese group maintains a strong relationship with the Syrian authorities.

Furthermore, Hezbollah does not comment on their troops inside Syria and given the death of one of their military personnel in an Israeli strike near the Damascus International Airport in August, these claims about their withdrawal are untrue.

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