Report: Al-Qaeda Members Manufacturing Poison Gas to be Used against Syrians

The Turkish newspaper “Yurt” revealed Friday that “al-Qaeda members in Syria are manufacturing chemical weapons in a lab near the town of Gaziantep in Turkey and are threatening to use it against Syrian civilians.”

In its detailed article, the newspaper said that “al-Qaeda is manufacturing poison gas in this lab as shown in videos published online showing the process of manufacturing this gas using chemicals procured from a Turkish company.”
The report further showed al-Qaeda members celebrating their success in making the gas and threatening to use it against Syrian civilians.

The article added that the videos show a sign on the wall of the lab saying “al-Qaeda’s Battalion for Manufacturing Chemical Gas” in Arabic and English.
The newspaper wondered how al-Qaeda members came to acquire chemicals used to make poison gas from a Turkish company, noting that its reporter met an official from the aforementioned company who said that the company sells ethanol.

“We doesn’t know how al-Qaeda acquired the chemicals and that they’re investigating this issue,” the official stated.

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