Report: ISIL Executes Fallujah Wali



ISIL terrorist group executed the person the group installed as the governor of Fallujah for escaping the Iraqi Western city after Baghdad’s security forces attacked there.

The Iraqi media outlets reported that the ISIL’s wali of Fallujah, Abu Hajar Isawi, retreated from Fallujah to Mosul where ISIL executed him in public, charging him with evading his responsibilities. Nevertheless, he was one of the ISIL prominent leaders, hathalyoum reported.

The Iraqi army, backed by the federal police, Shi’ite militia Hashd al-Shaabi and Sunni tribal forces, launched a major operation on May 22nd in attempt to drive the ISIL militants out of Fallujah.

The city fell to ISIL in January 2014, and it was the first major Iraqi city to fall into the hands of the terrorist group.

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