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Report: ISIL Kills Terrorists Wounded in Fallujah Battle through Lethal Injection



Iraqi health officials disclosed that the ISIL terrorist group has resorted to a new method to get rid of its wounded militants and kills those wounded in Fallujah battle by giving them lethal injections.

“The ISIL has given potassium chloride injection to its wounded terrorists to kill them,” the Arabic-language media quoted an informed source in Fallujah hospital as saying on Monday.

The source noted that the ISIL has killed dozen of its injured terrorists who were hospitalized in Fallujah hospital, and said, “Potassium chloride results in patients’ heart attack.”

Earlier on Monday, the Iraqi security forces advanced towards the center of the city of Fallujah as they clashed with the ISIL over taking control of al-Tafaha bridge.

The Iraqi forces maintained full control over al-Shihah region and are now clashing with the ISIL terrorists in al-Saqlawiyah town to the West of Fallujah city.

An estimated 600-1,000 ISIL terrorists with the exception of their allied tribal fighters are stationed in the Fallujah city.

The Iraqi government troops entered the Jolan neighborhood as they gained control over al-Saqlawiyah region.

Meantime, the Iraqi army seized back al-Niamiyah region to the South of Fallujah.

The Iraqi forces have besieged Fallujah from four directions and the ISIL can only escape through al-Zawiyah region.

Also today, the Iraqi forces entered Fallujah, one of the terrorist group’s key strongholds in Iraq after completing a troop buildup around the city.

“The operation to enter Fallujah began on Monday morning,” an Iraqi official told journalists who entered the city with the Iraqi security forces, RT reported.

The Iraqi military officer said the government’s military units began advancing in the city of Fallujah, about 40 miles (65 kilometers) west of Baghdad, with explosions and heavy gunfire reportedly heard in Fallujah’s Southern Naimiyah district.

Iraqi government-led forces launched an offensive to dislodge ISIL militants from Fallujah a week ago, and have been slicing through ISIL positions ever since. The terrorist group still controls territory in the North and West of the country, including Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul.

Major Dhia Thamir told media on Sunday that Iraqi troops had recaptured 80 percent of the territory around the city since the operation began last week. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi also said, during a televised speech to parliament, that the “current second phase of the Fallujah operation” will last less than 48 hours.

The large-scale assault, carried out by the Army, police counterterrorism units, local tribal fighters and a coalition of Shiite Muslim militias, continues on all fronts around the city. Besides making vast gains in the North, forces, aided by US advisers, have also been advancing on the city from the Sinjar direction.

“We are moving in the right direction. We are killing those criminals,” a police unit fighter told RT last week, adding that approaches to the city are mined.

Fallujah, which survived some of the heaviest fighting of the 2003-2011 US-led military intervention, was the first city in Iraq to fall under ISIL control in January 2014. In late June, 2014, the extremists declared a caliphate in territories seized in Iraq and Syria.

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