Residents of Golan Heights call for general strike against Israeli authorities

The residents of the Israeli occupied Golan Heights called for a general and comprehensive strike on Wednesday that includes all facilities, including schools, in order to head the lands where Israel intends to install huge fans to generate electricity.

The call was issued after the meeting of the religious and social authority in the Golan, against the backdrop of Israel’s intention to build giant turbine fans to produce electric energy and to prevent it from implementing its expansion plan on the properties of the people.

On Monday, the Israeli forces closed a number of the main entrances to the villages of the Golan and prevented the people from reaching their agricultural lands in the areas where they intend to set up the fans.

Residents gathered on the roads leading to agricultural lands in the areas of Majdal Shams, Sahita, Baqatha and Masada, to prevent Israeli forces from reaching their lands.

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