Resistance emerges victorious in israel war


Tehran, Aug 30, IRNA – The long-suffering people of Palestine as well as the regionˈs resistance nations/movements are the main victors of the Israeli war on the besieged Gaza Strip, wrote ˈKayhan Internationalˈ on Saturday.
Resistance emerges victorious in Israel war
In the words of even Zionist media outlets, pundits and illegal settlers, the sliver’s resistance fighters won because they were ˈable to strike at the heartˈ of the Zionist regime, an illegal entity that is no longer safe on any piece of the occupied Palestinian land, added the English-language paper.

The irony is that after 50 days of resistance against Tel Aviv’s bombardment, during which almost 2,140 Palestinians, mostly civilians, including women, children and the elderly, were killed, the victory is indeed even ˈgreaterˈ than the previous ones, highlighted the paper in its Viewpoint column.

Thatˈs because the criminal regime of Israel has been forced to open up the Gaza borders to the outside world under an Egyptian-brokered truce that ended its illegal and unjustified war/blockade on the enclave.

The truce, which took effect last Tuesday, stipulates the easing of Israel’s seven-year-old blockade as well as the provision of a guarantee that Palestinian demands will be met.

So the resistance wins. No matter how Israel and its friends spin it, the raw fact is that this ˈindefinite ceasefire” leaves Hamas unbeaten in Gaza. Pro-Israel groups have said that war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu did not go far enough to topple Hamas and that the war, meant to end incessant rocket fire on illegal settlements in Israel, changed little on the ground at the cost of 70 settlers killed on the Israeli side – all but six soldiers. The war marked the third round of fighting since Hamas seized power in Gaza after winning the general Palestinian elections.

Much of the criticism has equally come from the settlers of southern occupied lands, thousands of whom fled their illegal housing units to seek safer areas during the war. They complain they have lived under rocket barrages for more than a decade without any change – even NOW!

Now that an open-ended truce is in place, they still say they are reluctant to return to their homes, fearing that the ceasefire did not secure an end to rocket and mortar fire on their illegal housing units.

Nevertheless, the Zionist regime is not getting much out of the ceasefire: The Egyptian proposal didnˈt include any statement, not even a hint, regarding Israelˈs security demands. There was nothing about the demilitarization of the strip, the re-arming or the issue of the tunnels.

To boot, Hamas still controls Gaza. While ending Hamas rule was never a specific goal, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now coming under fire for accepting the Egyptian ceasefire so quickly. As the war dragged on, Netanyahuˈs approval sank as well.

As for the US: Yes, Washington did not actually fight, however, it rearmed Israel and did nothing on the sidelines as Egypt took the lead in the negotiations, criticized the paper.

Secretary of State John Kerryˈs efforts to forge a long-lasting ceasefire failed and he took a lot of heat for spurring Israel and Egypt to negotiate an unpopular ceasefire plan with Qatar and Turkey.

This implies that the illegal war on the defenseless civilian population of Gaza only brought the Zionist regime and its friends, the US in particular, shame, disgrace, unpopularity and of course billions of dollars in economic losses and financial damages. They deserved it on every level, concluded the paper.

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